Welcome to the Krishna Consciousnesss Society.

We’re a global organisation that faciliates spiritual seminars and events, refreshing retreats, and phenomenal meditation sessions.

The Philosophy

Krishna Consciousness explores the secrets of spirituality found in the ancient writings of the East. Probing into topics such as the soul, karma, reincarnation, and meditation, this is the ultimate environment for you to awaken spiritual insights great teachers have spoken of for thousands of years.

What lies beyond death, and what would you do if you had 24 hours to live? Despite an abundance of comforts and convenience, why do so many still feel dissatisfied, empty, and lacking in purpose? Are day-to-day occurrences pre-destined, or is life an interplay of fate and free will? Utilizing the all-encompassing knowledge from the spiritual literature like Bhagavad Gita As It Is and the Vedas, Krishna Consciousness addresses the most crucial questions of our existence.

The Practice

At the Krishna Consciousness Society, we hold weekly events that explore issues ranging from the highly thought-provoking to the most applicable to us as as students with tips on mindfulness and managing stress! However, it’s not just all about the sessions; you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take on voluntary roles such as feeding the homeless or even participate in more creative ways such as singing, dancing, cooking and eating!

Every semester we hold an adventurous day retreat to a spiritually-immersive destination; the only and only Bhaktivedanta Manor! As well as the university retreats, we also hold an amazing retreat every summer to a European destination where you can really dive in deep to the philosophy and culture. So if you’re a passionate Plato or simply want to have a life less ordinary, sign up below and really take advantage of the timeless teachings that the Vedas have to offer.

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